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Dehydrated Mango (Aamchur)

Dried Mango Powder (amchur) and Slices, offered by us, are used for enjoying the acidic, tart, and slightly spicy flavour of unripe mangoes in all seasons. Dried Mango Slices, prepared from the flesh of the dried green mangoes, are used in curries and other dishes as a flavouring agent. The natural ripe mango flavour of our Dried Mango Slices is appreciated worldwide. Even when used in small amount, our Dried Mango Slices are very effective in adding flavour to the food items.

Used As

  • It is used in foods to add an acidic, slightly sour flavor, especially in mixed curries and garam masala.
  • Amchur can also be used as a tenderizer, much like citrus juice, only a very small quantity stretches much further than citrus does
  • Many Indian vegetarian dishes have a tart, sour flavor, which can be accomplished with either Amchur or tamarind
  • In places where tamarind is not readily available, cooks use Amchur
  • The spice is also used to flavour pale dishes, where the dark colour of tamarind would discolour the finished product




Raw mango Slices with or without the outer skin

Colour ,taste and flavour

Off white colour with characteristic taste and flavour

Mould and Insects - living, and dead, insect fragments and rodent contamination


Damaged Slices, % Max.


Extraneous Matter (%by wt MAX): Organic Matter


Extraneous Matter (%by wt MAX): IN-organic Matter


Seed Coatings (% by wt, max.)


Moisture, % Max.


Preservative (Common Salt) % Max.


Acidity as tartaric acid %


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